Jake Johnson, am i right?

New Girl obsessed. Ness addict. Jake Johnson lover.

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No problem. That’s what I’m here for.

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“Our bodies did what they would naturally do. Zooey really likes doing physical comedy, and we were clowning around, because I think all the script said was ‘Jess tries to wrestle the notebook away from Nick.’ It does look like we were humping.”

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— This was really comforting, mom.

Joan loves Nick.

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Jake. Get. In. My. Bed.

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My heart 💔


sudden urge to rewatch this episode or maybe just this scene… They are so overwhelmed. We need “Virgins 2”

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Favorite New Girl Characters: Nick Miller

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The good old days

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1 year !!!!


1 year !!!!


Well then they asses betta wake up together from that dream episode called Mars Landing. Together

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Make me choose meme: anonymous asked Nick & Jess or Schmidt & Cece

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